*Please note that for safety reasons you must be 16 years old to drive a dogsled. All times are approximate and include driving your own 4-6 dog team.  All experiences are guided.  Prices subject to change without notice

Come and enjoy the Canadian outdoors on your very own dogsled!  You will have the oppertunity to help harness and hook up your team. During the tours there is time to stop and enjoy the scenery, as well as discuss the dogs and answer any questions that you may have.  Warm drinks and snacks are provided on the half day experience at the half way point, and a hot chili lunch on the trail is provided on the full day experience.

If you are a single passanger your team is driven by one of our guides.  Team sizes may vary pending snow conditions and the experience you wish to enjoy.  We do not want the dogs to get discouraged while they are pulling.  Not only is it fun for us but it is fun for the dogs too!  They are bred to pull and they love what they do.  We want to respect them as athletes and as friends. 

Recommended Clothing

Snowpants, ski jacket, winter hat, gloves, snow boots with no heel, ski goggles

Please note that we do not provide any winter clothing

Half Hour Tours Times and Pricing

Our half hour tours go out every 45 minutes - daily December through March

  • 2 people 30 minute experience, shared sled $100 
  • 1 person 30 minute experience,  driving their own sled $100
  • 1 person 30 minute experience, passenger on guides sled $80

Half Day Tours Times and Pricing

Tours begin at 9:30am and 1pm and are approximatley 2.5 hours long - daily December through March

  • Half day experience, shared sled $150/person 
  • Half day experience single person, own sled $300

Full Day Tours and Pricing

Tours begin at 10am and are approximatley 5 hours long - daily December through March

  • Full day experience, shared sled $250/person 
  • Full day experience single person, own sled $500

Overnight Packages and Pricing

Please contact us

Gift Certificates Available

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